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When BHunna, born Brandon Javan Wright, decided to walk off his high school’s varsity basketball team during his junior year, he knew that choosing to shift his focus from athletics to music was the most daring decisions of his adult life. Up until that point, music had only been a hobby for BHunna, but after a lifetime of exposure to music through his family’s east coast roots, and an Atlantan upbringing, BHunna realized that his vision for the future would be more audio-based. In the two years since becoming a full-time producer and never looking back, BHunna has scored a gold plaque for the hit song “walk” as a collab with rising star comethazine which also features Asap Rocky on the remix. He’s also scored several placements from such stars like Comethazine, Soulja boy, K. $upreme, Smokepurp, CandyPaint and others while perfecting his approach to industry dominance. 

BHunna is known to work on several concepts at once while in the studio, a practice he learned from observing his father, a forerunner in hip-hop culture and the music industry in his own right. After considering his father’s advice of branding his production with a stage name as a way to own his sound, Wright originally started off as “Be One Hundred” before the name evolved into its’ current form. The name is meant both as a call to action for listeners as well as a reminder to the young composer that authenticity outranks association. Remaining true to himself, BHunna continues to be inspired by a diverse range of influences that include early hip-hop, rock, and EDM.

As BHunna continues to expand his production skills through his relentless work ethic, he has also set his sights on growing his audience as a DJ under the moniker PHLEXN, an ode to what he does best as he traverses through genres and musical eras that reflect his passion for a variety of music. In a life where one gets to learn from the past and plan for the future, BHunna truly owns and makes the most of each moment in the now.  

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