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Abstract Paint


Rapper Candy Paint was born Kevin Jenkins in Chicago on March 10th, 1999 but his roots are planted in Cobb County, GA were he was raised for most of his life. Lil Candy Paint’s name was born of his love of two things growing up, Candy (Now & Later being one of his favs) & Cars. Candy Paint attended New Manchester high school where he ultimately dropped out to follow his love of music & to escape what he describes as a “less than perfect childhood”. He draws musical inspiration from many people but is influenced by Chief Keef, Drake and Dave Chapelle. A self proclaimed “loaner”, Lil Candy Paint has been a star on the underground social scene since 2017, with such hits as “Never Change” & “Internet Thug” - amassing him over 2 million views combined with little to know promotion. It was a chance meeting at SXSW, in that same year, that changed his path to Los Angeles & ultimately changing his life after that. Candy is still an independent artist with a cult following.

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